Sacred Nirvana Acharya

Sagar Dutta

Raj Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya

Sagar’s spiritual journey started when he was very young. He was initiated onto the path of Raj Yog with practice of Sudarshan Kriya (a rhythmic breathing technique) and Sahaj samadhi meditation. He has been practicing kriya and meditation actively for the past decade. The journey has been joyful and fulfilling and has led him to learn, volunteer and facilitate in teaching yoga, kriya and nurturing human values through workshops for children and adults.

As he found that meditation truly enhances self-awareness, he’s organized many workshops for adults as well as children on how to combat anxiety, optimize performance, enhance concentration and positivity. Apart from yoga-oriented activities he has facilitated various value education and health- hygiene workshops for children from different spectrums of the society, in public schools, orphanages, even slums. He looks at life as a research project on experiential learning. Sagar designs special retreats for teenagers and young adults looking at getting more out of life.

Sagar Dutta
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