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Sacred Dot plans finely detailed group tours to cater to its audiences. Be they reunions, family gatherings, affinity groups, women groups, or just liked minded people who are looking to explore new destinations.

Whether a wildlife safari, textile tour, photography tour or a yoga camp, Sacred Dot will be happy to plan and execute the program. The itinerary offered is always replete with great dining, immersive behind the scenes look, exciting activities and gifts.

All group travel is planned in such a way so as to get the best from the places visited. Helping with deciding the destinations, to booking the tickets, local transport and the most suitable accommodation, Sacred Dot  does everything. Fantastic guides and escorts ensure that each group member gets personal attention. This creates an environment of ease and security so that everyone can just relax and enjoy themselves, getting the most out of their vacation.

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Home to eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world including Mount Everest, Nepal also happens to be the epicentre of Hinduism and Buddhism. A destination for adventure lovers, nature and wildlife enthusiasts.…

Other Popular Services

Soul vacations

Soul Vacations

At times one needs to just go solo. Simply disappear. Some place where the Wi-Fi may be weak, but the connections are strong. A vacation on our own, to get away and follow a dream or visit a destination which…
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Corporate Getaways

Communication is the key between divisions, departments, and people. The success of any company depends on the happiness and cohesiveness of their team. Sacred Dot assists companies in creating, planning and executing finely tuned Corporate Getaways.…


Bespoke is the way. Sacred Dot is a holiday curator. Catering to all manner of holiday makers be they thrill seekers, adventure enthusiasts, in search or wellness, nature lover, history enthusiast or cultural nomad. Holidays are tailored to fit them…

Educational Travel

Sacred Dot has been involved in Educational Travel from inception. From university groups to MBA and EMBA programs, Sacred Dot has managed a variety of educational itineraries in India, Dubai, Oman, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.…

Alumni Travel

Sacred Dot has been instrumental in operating Alumni Travel since the company began. Working with International Universities to offer exceptionally designed programs that offer the best of the destination. The programs include great accommodation, safe transport, amazing dining, engaging experiences…


Work hard, play harder is the corporate mantra. And as Gen Z increasingly becomes a significant part of the workforce this works even better. Incentives at Sacred Dot Tours are planned keeping in mind the rule “of five” – Work,…

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Our destinations put together are resplendent with a wide variety of art forms. From fine arts to performing arts, music, poetry, handicrafts, intricate jewellery by skilled artisans, it’s all here. Ranging from traditional to contemporary and folk to modern, the…
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