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At Sacred Nirvana, we have redefined ‘wellness’, taking it far beyond the traditional spas and therapeutic treatments.

Wellness for us is all about integrating the mind, body and spirit and allowing them to function in harmony and sync with each other. We make this happen by creating deep transformational experiences that challenge your own beliefs about wellness, equip you with simple, yet practical tools for a healthy life that catapult you towards being your best selves.

Our Unique Offerings

Wellness Tours

Wellness Tours

Travel to better yourself, learn to harness your inner energy and learn to be happy again. At Sacred Nirvana, we recognize that travel is a time for self-rejuvenation as it presents you with new experiences which often have the potential…
Holistic Wellness Programs

Holistic Wellness Programs

Learn to live a wholesome balanced life by making small changes in your daily routine. ‘Wellness’ is not just the absence of a physical disease, but, a state of being where the mind, body and spirit are healthy. Thus, a…
Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs

Create a healthy environment for yourself and your team. A hectic 9 to 6 corporate lifestyle can very often manage to disrupt the work–life balance that we all actively strive for.…
Wellness & Positivity

Wellness and Positivity

Wellness goes far beyond the traditional spas and therapeutic treatments. In fact, it is a state of being which is not linked merely to the absence of a serious illness but to the well–being of the whole self – the…
Four Pillars of Wellness

Four Pillars of Wellness

Diet, Exercise, Breathing and Meditation are four pillars of wellness. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”…
Power Break yoga

Diet, Exercise, Breathing and Meditation

Diet is undeniably one of the most important pillars of wellness and thus, it is rightly said, “You are what you eat”. Food has a dual effect on us – that is, it impacts our minds and bodies profoundly.…
Stress Relief Programs

Stress Relief Programs

The word ‘stress’ is a deception. We, at Sacred Nirvana firmly believe that ‘stress’ is just a state of mind. Because we are totally ill – equipped to deal with the dynamic and fast paced external changes that seem to…

Weight Management

Overweight and obesity are the number one health hazards threatening urban society today. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyles, all work and no play attitude, crash diet plans, unhealthy eating habits and a lot more that leads to the accumulation of…


During our short stint on earth, we take approximately half a billion breaths. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that the mind, body and breath are intricately connected and possess the capacity to influence each other.…
Energy Harnessing

Energy Harnessing

We all have days when we feel exhausted and struggle to get out of bed and other days when we feel emotional pain for no apparent reason. Ever wondered where this flow of energy originates from?…
Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing

The human body is made of seven chakras or energy centres. Each chakra has a predefined function within the human body and determines how we handle specific life situations, both, inside ourselves and in our interactions with society. Through external…

Mindfulness for a Happy Life

We are either thinking about the past or the future. The degree to which our imaginations can run wild is at times insane and rather frustrating. Modern-day urban life finds almost all of us living and seeking happiness either in…

Meet our Acharyas, Yogis & Facilitators

Ranjana Balyan

Leadership & Behavioural Skills Facilitator & Mindfulness Coach

A seasoned facilitator and coach, Ranjana brings over 12 years of training, facilitation and coaching experience to the table. She has conducted workshops on self development, self empowerment, mindful leadership and behavioural skills for people from all walks of life from across the world. She has been extensively involved in executive and youth education, having worked as a facilitator with leading corporate organizations and educational institutions across India. Her keen interest, research and practice of spirituality combined with her advanced facilitation skills are her greatest strengths which she is passionate about sharing with her audiences. She has also been a Rajayoga meditation teacher and mindfulness coach for the past 14 years and holds a diploma in Yoga from Ambika Yog Kutir, Mumbai.

Ranjana Balyan

Seethu TJ

An International Yoga Teacher

Seethu TJ is an international Yoga teacher from the revered T. Krishnamacharya. True to her tradition, she offers authentic, curated Yoga experiences, customized to the individual’s need. For her Yoga immersions, Seethu chooses her settings with great care, to help in creating unforgettable, memorable experiences. As participants’ journey outward by immersing themselves in the local milieu, her Yoga sessions are a journey of discovery, inward into the self. An architect, a classical dancer, and a Reiki practitioner, Seethu infuses warmth, acceptance and humor in her interactions with her fellow yogis. Seethu is also a mother to a 7-year old. She encourages her daughter to ‘be herself’ in all circumstances. Seethu believes that by doing so, the world is a brighter, beautiful place.
Seethu TJ

Raman Suri

Life Coach / Healer / Transformative Therapy

Raman is a Reiki Healer, Life Coach Access Bars Trainer, NLP practitioner and much more. Raman, has been helping people overcome their personal, professional and social challenges for over six years. Having worked with individuals, children, professionals, and companies, Raman has learnt to offer curated solutions to suit her different audiences. She has many firsts under her collar including starting the first Life Coach Academy in India, the first Certified Master Spirit Life Coach in Delhi, the first the Cross Over Healer in India, the first Relationship Coach in Delhi, the first Holistic Transformation Coach in Delhi.

Raman offers 02 day intensive Reiki Healers courses, 01 day Access Bars Training and a 05 day Power Living Retreat that allows one to conquer ones fears, enhance spirituality, improve relationships and succeed at work. 

Anu Singh

Artist / Innovative Meditative Art Teacher / NLP Coach

Anu majored in Art and used her abilities for a long successful career in marketing Internationally. Through working life she notices the high price of stress and pressure both amongst adults and children and looked for a way to leverage her passion for art into a tool for mental wellbeing. She then trained to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach. Now she uses her business background, passion for art and her training to creating meaningful therapeutic art retreats. With her guidance, participants understand and achieve their own potential and goals effectively through their own creativity.

Dr. Soumyadip Bose

Physiotherapist and Certified Ergonomist

An experienced consultant in Physical therapy, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics, Soumyadip holds a masters in Musculoskeletal system and has a rich experience in the field of Repetitive Strain Injury. He has worked extensively with corporate professionals across the country, helping them treat RSI and restore a healthy work – life balance. He has also worked in treating spine injuries, cerebral palsy and post-surgery trauma. Soumya helps with half day presentations and full day workshops how to treat your body better while working.

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