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Wellness goes far beyond the traditional spas and therapeutic treatments. In fact, it is a state of being which is not linked merely to the absence of a serious illness but to the well–being of the whole self – the body, mind and spirit.

Most modern day lifestyle diseases are ‘psychosomatic’ in nature which means they originate from a disturbed ‘psyche’ and then eventually affect the ‘soma’ or the body. For eg – when one experiences mental stress and anxiety for long periods of time, it is reflected in the body as a physical symptom which could be an increase in blood sugar levels, or increased cholesterol, blood pressure or cardiac disorders. Thus, most of the modern day diseases have their roots in a stressful and disturbed mind.

At Sacred Nirvana, we adopt a healing based approach to wellness which addresses the root as opposed to a treatment based approach which only treats the symptoms. Thus, most of our wellness programs focus on developing a positive and healthy state of mind which will eventually help the body heal itself.

Every thought our minds create is energy and is translated into ‘emotion’ (which is essentially energy in motion). Our emotions are thus reflected as energy movements in different parts of our body, affecting the organ which is most susceptible. A positive thought creates positive emotions which impact our bodies positively like deeper breathing, increased lung function, improved blood circulation, enhanced cardiac functions, better digestion and metabolism, improved fertility etc. However, a negative thought creates a negative emotion which eventually impacts the body negatively, leading to several physical diseases and illnesses.

Thus, positivity is the first step towards embracing wellness. The good news is that it is just a decision away. Make a conscious choice to embrace positivity and wellness today and let us take care of the rest. Sacred Nirvana invites you to experience a life filled with inner joy, good heath and well – being.

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