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Destination Weddings

Whether you wish to tie the knot on the beach, on top of a hill, in a palace, or a fortress, or even a lodge in the wilderness, Sacred Dot will design and execute the dream wedding.

Sacred Dot fully understands the sentiments involved in planning a wedding. Services range from mundane to the exotic. Booking venues, planning menus, arranging transportation, accommodation, décor, music, live entertainment, gifts and favours, what have you. We do appreciate it to be a tremendous photo-op and can even go to the extent of adding ‘extras’ to make the ‘barat’ (wedding procession) appear larger.

Customized invitation cards, the hen night, the stag party, cures for hangovers, pre-wedding celebrations, the pastor, the priest, the wedding attire, the events, the honeymoon – you name it, and its done.  From two day nuptials to multicity events, Sacred Dot can help create memories that last a lifetime.

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India is a confluence of peoples, cultures, and religion. It is a grand fusion of colors, sounds, flavors, food, architecture, spirituality and cultural practices that have their roots dating back to tens of millennia. India is a life changing experience.…

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Soul Vacations

At times one needs to just go solo. Simply disappear. Some place where the Wi-Fi may be weak, but the connections are strong. A vacation on our own, to get away and follow a dream or visit a destination which…
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Corporate Getaways

Communication is the key between divisions, departments, and people. The success of any company depends on the happiness and cohesiveness of their team. Sacred Dot assists companies in creating, planning and executing finely tuned Corporate Getaways.…


Bespoke is the way. Sacred Dot is a holiday curator. Catering to all manner of holiday makers be they thrill seekers, adventure enthusiasts, in search or wellness, nature lover, history enthusiast or cultural nomad. Holidays are tailored to fit them…

Group Tours

Sacred Dot plans finely detailed group tours to cater to its audiences. Be they reunions, family gatherings, affinity groups, women groups, or just liked minded people who are looking to explore new destinations.…

Educational Travel

Sacred Dot has been involved in Educational Travel from inception. From university groups to MBA and EMBA programs, Sacred Dot has managed a variety of educational itineraries in India, Dubai, Oman, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.…

Alumni Travel

Sacred Dot has been instrumental in operating Alumni Travel since the company began. Working with International Universities to offer exceptionally designed programs that offer the best of the destination. The programs include great accommodation, safe transport, amazing dining, engaging experiences…

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Luxury Trains

India offers world class luxury train journeys. These majestic trains offer plush accommodation, dining and spa along with journeys through some of India’s most famous tourist destinations.…
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