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Our destinations put together are resplendent with a wide variety of art forms. From fine arts to performing arts, music, poetry, handicrafts, intricate jewellery by skilled artisans, it’s all here. Ranging from traditional to contemporary and folk to modern, the art scene in the region is continuously evolving.

Besides urban art galleries featuring past masters to modern contemporary artists of the region, there are open-air art galleries, murals, and frescos, cave paintings from sixth and seventh centuries, to myriad forms of temple art across the region.

Ancient temples and monuments with carvings in marble, stone, fine inlay work, to entire structures carved out of stone from top down will boggle your mind. Monuments depicting mythology etched on to its walls and ceilings, calligraphic art form the UAE, and gigantic sculptures in India, Nepal, and Bhutan bring history alive.

Folk music and dances from different parts, martial art forms can entertain you with amazing skills and grace.  There are commonalities in traditional handicrafts, art and culture in the region influenced by the Bedouin countries, Africa and the Indian subcontinent.  Art festivals showcase the cultural heritage and history of the land, preserve traditional and folk art forms.

These art events, along with art emporiums are a great place to pick up souvenirs- a Madhubani painting for instance, or a fine piece of silk with intricate embroidery or print, herbal products, pashmina shawls, arts and crafts, premium tea, and other accessories.

Sacred Dot can help navigate through this cornucopia of art forms and also arrange for museum visits, trips to film studios, tickets to theatres, private live performances, as well as tete-a-tetes with artists and literary figures.

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