Uniquely Rajasthan

Uniquely Rajasthan

Welcome to the Princely State of Rajasthan, India. Often referred to as “The Land of Kings”, this amazing culturally rich state truly encompasses what so many travelers have called the wonders of India. Very few can resist being completely mesmerized by every part of this eclectic Indian State. Once made up of hundreds of small and large kingdoms, in 1949 it became India’s largest state by land area. Historically home to some of the greatest ruling empires, including Mughal, Nawab, Marwari and more, it is now a feast for the eyes, the heart, and the mind. Any part of traveling through this vast desert state will offer glimpses into ancient times, modern nomadic tribes, art, wildlife and more.

Many travelers and seekers will begin with the capital city of Jaipur, known to be part of the “Golden Triangle” of India. Here you will enter a city where ancient cultural is completely woven within this beautiful modern “Pink” city. But it would be a mistake to stop there. The entire state of Rajasthan offers unique culture, history and landscapes from every small village to the largest cities, from great walled forts and ancient temples to its desert forests and far into the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Rajasthan is a state that takes you on a true and colorful journey every step of the way.

Fabulous Forts – Stories in Stone

Gadisar Lake
Gadisar Lake

No trip to Rajasthan can be taken without visits to some of the most beautiful forts and walled cities in all of India. From the stunning Amer Fort in Jaipur to the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur to the beautiful walled and ancient City of Jaisalmer, traveling through these stunning ancient stone buildings transports anyone back in time. Feel the history and walk where kings and queens once reigned. The larger and more famous forts are not the only forts to visit, however. In nearly every small town or city one can find a fort jutting out, a walled city that once housed rulers from various families that are full of their own unique history, culture and way of life. Rajasthan earns its name of the Land of Kingdoms. It is important to enjoy a slower pace when visiting this state and go off the typical tourist track where one can find new things to explore and wander in.

Amazing Landscapes – A country in a state

Whether enjoying the vastness of the Thar Desert by Camel back, taking a jeep safari into the wilds of the Rajasthani Jungles on the lookout for Tigers and Leopards, whiling the day away near the lakes of Udaipur or being immersed in the picturesque villages, the landscape of Rajasthan will delight and change during any journey. Keep a camera ready while traversing this unique state as tribal cultures, ancient history, natural beauty and wildlife capture your imagination at every turn.

Wildlife – Tigers, Leopards and more

Many people know of the most famous of the national parks in India known for its large population of Bengal Tigers, Ranthambore National Park. This is certainly a not to be missed park, however, Rajasthan is actually full of wildlife in many other parts of the state as well. Wildlife such as the sloth bear, various species of deer and antelope, jackals, desert and tropical birds and of course, leopards can be found during any visit. These include, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary, Desert National Park and many many more. Bera is home to leopards and one of the best examples of how human, animal conflict is managed. We are here to help you plan your wildlife adventure in Rajasthan.

Cuisine – Ancient, Tribal & Royal

Rajasthan Cuisine

Dal Maati Churma, Lal Maas, Kachoris, Ker Sangri, and so many more dishes from Rajasthan are reason enough to explore this state and its culture. Born of both modest tribal origins as well as in royal palaces, the food of Rajasthan is rich, hearty and truly delicious. A journey through Rajasthan offers any food lover an opportunity to sample food that is sourced from the farms and desert landscape as well as through the history of the various royal families and ancient rulers. The dishes take on their own historical significance and can teach about the various cultures as well as about the variety of landscapes this vast state has to offer. An entire food tour can be curated to culinary enthusiasts where they can experience the cuisine of the state and its people.

Art, Textiles, Gems and Jewelry

Fresco Painting

Rajasthan has so many forms of art from frescoes on walls of ancient cities, homes, palaces and havelis to miniature paintings, an abundance of textiles from block printing to handlooms, a long history of artisan jewelry makers to pottery and a variety of other types of handicrafts dotted throughout the entire state. A person can spend a lifetime seeking out the amount of art both, ancient and modern, tribal and royal, that this state has to offer. Many books have been written on the different painting styles and various textiles native to Rajasthan beginning from its very ancient times onward! Literally any visit in any part of Rajasthan is a walk through the land of art and handcrafted items. A few highlights to mention are the Havelis of Mandawa, the block printing and textile work of Bhilwara, handloom work of Bikaner, batik and quilt work of Jaisalmer, blue pottery of Jaipur, and countless royal gem and jewelry hubs. For fine art paintings and miniatures, look no further than nearly every palace, walled city and street corner throughout the entire state.

Music and Dance

Folk music and dance forms are interwoven throughout the history of the state of Rajasathan and date back to when this region of India was a kaleidoscope of royalty and nomadic tribes. Much of the folk music that Rajasthan is known for was played in the various royal courts and is diverse depending on which part of this great state the music was born from. One of the most popular and well known forms is Maand Folk Music as well as Panihari and Pabuji Ki Panch. This music can still be heard throughout the state and is music of voice accompanied by classical instruments. It is a contributor to much of what many know today as Indian classical music. The songs are stories of daily life, heroes and more told through hauntingly beautiful song form. Dance is also an important art form as local performers have held on to the traditional ways of dance and passed them down from generations throughout time. A few important and still widely practiced traditional dances include, Ghoomar dance, Bhavai dance, Kachicchi Godi Dance and Khalbeliya dance. To witness a traditional dance performance or be lulled by the ancient music of Rajasthan is to be transported in time through not only the music, the stories they tell, but also by the traditional costumes and dance movements any performance offers.


No list of reasons to visit Rajasthan would be complete without mentioning the vast array of Festivals this state offers throughout the year. Learn about camel trading, art, literature, music, local customs, Hindu festivals, tribal customs and traditional dress through the myriad of festivals one can visit and participate in. Some of the more famous festivals include; The now world renown Jaipur Literature Festival, The Pushkar Camel Fair, The Bikaner Camel Festival, The Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Ganguar Festival of Jaipur, Mewar Festival of Udaipur and the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer to name only a few. Celebrate every aspect of Rajasthan through its countless and exciting festivals.

Teej Festival
Teej Festival

Rajasthan is wondrous, diverse, eclectic, colorful, welcoming, and stunningly beautiful. Any trip to any part of this state will enliven every one of your senses. It is well worth not only planning a trip or two or three, but to remember to visit places slightly off the typical tourist route for a journey of the not only the heart and mind, but through the soul.

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Discover Rajasthan

Discover Rajasthan

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