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The Indian sub-continent is home to some of the rarest most amazing wildlife in the world. India has the largest number of one horned rhinoceros, is the only country, which still has the Asiatic lion, has the largest recorded number of bird species and every year more and more amphibians, arachnids and insects are being found and chronicled. Wildlife is never too far away, from the monkeys at the temples and in the cities to the elephants in the temples, the bird that comes to your breakfast table.




India is proud to be home to over five hundred wildlife sanctuaries and about a hundred national parks. The wilderness adventure here can be enjoyed from high altitude plains to dense Sunderban mangroves, the arid deserts of the Thar to the bountiful rainforests. Be it tigers, lions, leopard, sloth bear, civets, deer, moneys, snakes, or more, every game safari into the parks will offer up a multitude of wildlife displays.

Bird watching tours, camel safaris, elephant back safaris, cruises in the heart of the jungle, tracking the tiger – Sacred Dot can create many adventures for you to come and experience the untamed you!