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As home to one of the largest rail networks in the world, India has 115000 kilometers of tracks, facilitating the movement of billions of people across the country. Reaching deep into the interiors and passing through rural India, train journeys in India are a not to be missed experience.




To cater to those who love the gentle adventure of traveling by train, while still enjoying the comforts of a five star hotel, we offer Luxury Train Journeys across India. These journeys cover different parts of the country and usually last for seven nights. The experiences that they offer cover the regular as well as the exclusive. But it’s not just the destinations and journeys that entice, but also the trains themselves. All the trains have high-end service to match their top-tier product. The trains have individual cabins with en-suite bathrooms, dining cars, lounge cars, spas and even a business center to help you stay connected while you journey through forgotten lands. For those who want a more adventurous yet personal insight into the country, there are many train journeys that connect the country and make for an easy addition to any program.

The team at Sacred Dot will help you identify your train adventure, help you choose the best available options and assist you with everything before and after.