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The team at Sacred Dot consists of people from across the country and here are some of our core features




  • 95% of us have worked in the hospitality industry in various fields.
  • 100% of us have been married at some point.
  • 80% of us can speak at least three languages.
  • 100% of us can understand at least five spoken Indian languages.
  • Between us we have about a hundred years of work experience, but truthfully we haven’t worked all the time.
  • One of us is a trained chef, but all the rest are foodies.
  • One of us is a lover of technology and has to have the latest gadget.
  • 65% of us are avid readers, while 100% of us are avid movie goers.
  • Two of us actively write / blog and comment and have been published.
  • 100% of us are dog lovers, the jury is still out on cats (we do love Tigers but are against having them as pets).
  • One of us has worked for a royal family, while the others have stayed with royalty and in palaces.
  • 35% of us are amateur artists and now convert that passion into curating travel programs.
  • We are all passionate travelers, and are evangelists for our destinations.