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Sri Lanka

A bright green drop in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is colorful, vivid and vibrant country. With a history that goes back three thousand year and evidence of human settlement dating back millennia before that, Sri Lanka geographic location has always put the country in the forefront be it in terms of defence or trade.





Ceylon, as it was once called, is a diverse and multicultural country, home to many religions, ethnic groups, and languages. Its diversity also lies in its produce – from tea and coffee, to spices, coconuts, rubber, and gemstones. The tiny island is also home to a large variety of landscape and biodiversity, from thick jungles to golden beaches. Famous for its hoppers and sambals to curries and Kottu, Sri Lankan cuisine packs a punch of flavor, yet stays distinctive from its large neighbor.

A holiday here can be pure relaxation with days spent on the beach and enjoying Ayurvedic treatments or full of adventure with hiking, trekking, snorkeling, whale watching, and as with every place in South Asia full of history, architecture, culture and art. A perfect getaway for rest and repose, this country is warm, gentle and a throwback to gentler, warmer times!

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