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The story of our region dates back to the beginning of man and was initially orally transmitted. The earliest written works from India were the ‘Rigvedas’ that date back to 1500 - 1200 BCE. Lets just say that we never looked back since then.




From prose to poetry, drama to romance, books on deportment, cooking, architecture, medicine and yes even the most famous Kama Sutra find their home here. India is home to some of the greatest writer, poets and historians of the world. In the treasure trove of thoughts and ideas, our contribution across regions and languages, is a diamond mine by itself. Influenced over the years by the many occupations and annexations, travellers, missionaries and historians, the literary culture is rich, multifaceted and beautiful.

Meeting authors, attending book fair & writing workshops, visiting museums containing ancient texts to attending private lectures on the subject, Sacred Dot, can help you realize your literary dream!