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The vast expanse of our region can be likened to a gigantic buffet of culinary delights. The array of tastes, flavors and textures found here is a veritable delight for food lovers and savoring them all can account for several holidays and getaways.




In fact, the food thread connects all our destinations, with the shared spices, tastes and culinary traditions.

Our customized food trails can be as specific as trawling the sweet shops of a city, searching for the gulab jamun of your choice, or walking in the by-lanes of a city tasting a little bit of this and that and soaking in the festivities. We aim to exhibit not only the culinary traditions but the heritage of a city. From the influence so of the Mughals, British, Portuguese, and Chinese to the influence of Buddhism and Jainism which brought vegetarianism to the fore. We showcase our planned menus and get you to interact in cooking demonstrations. From the kitchens of royalty to the humble farmers dinner table, you get an exclusive look at the food of our nations.

Our young chefs have taken it upon themselves to modernize our cuisine with inspired technique and use of ingredients. Using fresh produce, enhanced by the judicious use of spice these masters are creating a stir in the culinary world.

Be it just a food walk, a reservation at an iconic restaurant, dinner at a private home or chef’s table – we at Sacred Dot can arrange for it all.