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All our destinations are a treasure trove of the arts. Owing to the shared heritage, trade and of course occupation there is a similarity in various art forms thanks to common origins.




Starting from ancient cave paintings in India and Sri Lanka, to iconography and religious art of which Nepal is a cornucopia, the intricate calligraphic art of UAE to the open-air frescos of India, our destinations are filed with colorful, vibrant depictions of history. Art is not confined to museums and galleries – it is showcased in the beautiful sarees and turbans, rich silks and beautiful embroidery. From jewelry to furnishings, accessories to architecture, examples of the rich artistic heritage can be seen everywhere.

Importantly, art is not restricted to the decorative arts, but the abundance spreads through to performance arts as well. From dance to music, poetry to prose, and of course we cannot forget the huge impact of the film industry. From the ancient to the contemporary there is much to offer and a great amount to see.

Sacred Dot can help you access the art of your choice-be it performances, exhibitions, or a meeting with the artists themselves. Tours of galleries, special private viewings at museums, theatre tickets, live demonstrations of folk art – you choose, we arrange!