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In the great enterprise that is life, some of us crave a little bit more of the adrenalin rush of adventure. The hills thrill us, the seas we find scintillating. Paragliding, skydiving, parasailing, river rafting, snorkeling, spelunking, hiking, trekking, snowboarding, safaris, camping are all music for our adventure craving souls and we thrive on the high of danger.




Should you wish to trek in the Himalayas or take the easier route of a flight to see the Everest, take a ride round the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi or go ballooning over Dambulla, trek the Cheddi river or go rafting in the Ganges. We offer adventure at various levels from the easy to the downright crazy.

At Sacred Dot we take security very seriously and ensure that all our partners and suppliers are the best available, dependable with the equipment and experience to ensure a great ride!