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If you want to take time out in your life to make a difference, we at Sacred Dot will help you make that happen. Whether it is a day, a week or a month that you want to dedicate, we find you the perfect partner, who would benefit by your expertise




Working in one of our destinations as part of a development project? Or want to be associated with a project? Want a chance to live and study with animals or help a village set-up a development scheme? Teach a class of children or work with those who are intellectually disabled? There are many ways in which you can contribute and Sacred Dot will help you with everything from identification to logistics.

Some of the causes Sacred Dot is deeply associated with are on Women’s Empowerment, Economic empowerment of Intellectually disabled, Nutrition and Wildlife conservation, but the list doesn’t end there, as long as there is a problem, there will be someone looking for a solution and we want to be there by their side helping by making them know to you.