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Faster! Bigger! Better! Brighter! This modern country continues to make a name for itself throughout the world by its awe-inspiring architectural wonders, entertainments options and breaking all bounds of size and scale. UAE, an amalgamation of seven Emirates ensure that it stay in the news and has top of the mind recall for travelers. Despite being cutting edge in almost every aspect, the country itself is traditional and works hard at keeping its culture and identity alive.





A fabulous stop for shoppers, there is nothing that can’t be bought in UAE. From top of the line haute couture, to jewelry, spices, tea and dates to every imaginable automobile. What you don’t get can be brought in and one thing is guaranteed – every demand is met! Along with shopping malls that are a treasure trove, the country has a wide array of hotels that offer every style of convenience, entertainment, amenities, dining options and spas. The hotels can be found in the middle of the dessert and in the sea, city center to in the mountains. Every major hotel chain has a presence here and there is accommodation to fit every budget.

UAE is a great addition to any of our other destinations or in fact any destination at all as it is connected via two of the fastest growing airlines. Any holiday to this country would include shopping, walks, entertainment, golfing, visits to fantastic museums, a day at the famous Ferrari World and more. For those who want to go off the beaten path, the adventures include food walks, cultural immersions, artist interactions and more. Brimming with life and with a plethora of entertainment options, this country is ideal for those seeking an energetic and bright destination.

Sacred Dot Tours is a global Destination Management Company providing complete ground handling services in UAE. We specialize in Incentive and Group travel to this jewel in the Middle East. We also cater to high-end luxury travelers, family groups, educational travel and special interest tours in this fast growing nation.