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A huge patchwork quilt of colour and beauty-thus is the rich textile tradition of our destinations. Be it rich silks or the softest cottons, warmest pashminas or gossamer chiffons – the variety of mediums that can be found here are unmatched. Add to this the amazing amount of embroidery, weaving, embellishing and dyeing and the combinations become mind boggling.




Just in India alone there are a myriad ways of treating the same fabric to come up with exquisite apparel and furnishing. From the tip of its exquisitely embroidered Kashmiri phirans, via the astounding embroidery of the Kutch, to the rich Banarsi weaves on silk, the delicate Chanderis woven with gold, to the complicated ikats and the simplicity of the Venkatgiri, each state and region boasts of a textile tradition akin to a work of art.

Bed linen, curtains, table linen, sarees, yardage, traditional outfits- our textiles can dress both you and your homes. Shopping trips in the city, weaving demonstrations, visits to the weaver’s villages, meeting with designers and researchers, Sacred Dot help you choose your thread to connect with the fabric of India any which way you want to.