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River Cruises

Civilizations settle across riverbanks and find their feet. Set up a culture. Set up livelihoods. A treasure trove of history is created. From time immemorial people have used the waterways to travel and trade, today we use it for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. From the humble Abra of the Dubai creek to its mightier cousin the Kettuvalam cruising the back waters of Kerala, to now the luxury river cruises in the East of India – Sacred Dot has an option for everyone who loves this gentle and romantic experience.




Luxury cruises ply across some of the greatest rivers of India - the mighty Bramhaputra; The sprightly Hooghly; The revered Ganga. Ships that have plush cabins with en-suite bathrooms, dining areas and lounge decks, spas and yes even business centers, these cruise ships offer travellers every modern convenience. What they offer is an ultimate experience into hidden and long forgotten parts of the country where ancient culture and tradition is alive and thriving. From monasteries made in a style that can no longer be seen, to game safaris into dense jungles – the cruises offer a wide variety activities. Enjoy days filled with wonder and sublime evenings enriched with food and wine as you sail gently down from one destination to the other. Relish the tranquility of the surroundings and the flow of the rivers to relax completely!