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Multifaceted, multifarious, multicultural, multilingual are the first few words that usually come to mind when thinking of India. What most people do not realize is that India is basically a young country wrapped around an ancient civilization. Due to this fact, the country has all the inherent traditions found in old cultures but also a modern outlook that comes from observing, emulating and imbibing best practices from around the world.





India has attracted travellers from times immemorial. In search of new land, spices, silk, cotton, wool and other riches and finally in search of inner peace people have flocked to the Subcontinent. From philosophers to plunderers they came from across the world, bringing their own culture, cuisine and language, all of which got interwoven in the intricate fabric of India.

From the might of the Himalayas to the colorful deserts of Rajasthan, the fertile plains of the Ganges to the dense jungles of central India to from the beaches that line three sides of the country, India offers every kind of landscape. The same can be said of every aspect of the country bet it cuisine, clothing, color, festivals, languages, heritage, art, art forms or religion. The options enormous, the choices mind boggling and the people heartwarming.

From education to emancipation, India has an offering for everyone. It welcomes it guests with open arms and does firmly believe “Atithi Devo Bhava” – Guest is God.

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