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About Sacred Dot

Sacred Dot Tours is a Destination Management Company specializing in curated travel for individuals or groups. We also cater to tailored incentives of every size, corporate getaways, service related travel and conferences. Our destinations include India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and UAE. Our passion for our destinations as well as our love for travel benefits our guests directly both in terms of product as well as service. There is more to our destinations than just the landscape and the monuments.Our people showcase the true culture and history of our destinations and we try and build into our programs just such interactions to create bridges across nations.

It is part of our DNA to create custom travel and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their unique program ticks every box. Our team has over three decades of experience to draw from to plan and execute programs of excellence. Having worked together for a long time, theyhave a great synergy coupled with fantastic relationships with vendors as well as clients. With Sacred Dot our clients have a partner who understands their specific requirements and offer real time solutions, resulting in hassle free, travel in a secure environment within stipulated budgets.

Tailor-made, experiential travel along with a strong commitment to sustainability underpins our mission. Be it technical tours, study programs, small family groups to large international conferences, we provide experiential travel opportunities encompassing business and leisure.

Our partners and affiliates are carefully chosenin keeping with our ethos and ensuring the high level of service provided is at par with our own. Thanks to our fantastic network, we offer our clients an incredible array of products, with best-negotiated prices. Our vendors on board are also chosen carefully to match our standards on quality.

At SacredDot, we understand that the future depends on our practices today, and we thus ensure that we opt for greener solutions. To assist in the development of destinations we collaborate with non-government organizations who work at the grass root level and directly with their target groups.


About the name and logo

The Logo is a combination of the traditional-the Sun Motif and a splash of water to denote the two life giving sources. The sun has been hand drawn by contemporary artist Mandira Chawla, who specializes with ink on paper. The logo amply defines our core belief of the client’s requirements being sacred and our fulfilling them with a combination of age-old courtesies, coupled with top tier services, enhanced by modern technology.